Ponyfish Island – Bar

Ponyfish Island bar

I confess to having island fantasies, particularly in the depth of a Melbourne Winter.  These fantasies are usually about somewhere warm by the water, preferably with an alcoholic beverage!  On Friday night, I indulged in my island fantasy for a few hours by walking across the Yarra Bridge between Flinders Street Station and Southbank, and taking the stairway leading underneath the bridge to Ponyfish Island.  Water? Tick.   The crowd, gas burners and my overcoat and gloves -warmth? Tick.  Alcoholic beverage?  Warm mulled wine ($6 a glass).  Tick.

My friend remarked that the mulled wine was like drinking apple strudel. No, it didn’t look like apple strudel but it had a spicy apple aroma. The only murmur of concern from the relaxed crowd gathered at the bar was when the electricity momentarily went out and my friend gasped ‘Oh no, I hope the mulled wine doesn’t go cold!’

Ponyfish Island is the kind of relaxed bar that captures the best of Melbourne.  It’s all about sharing conversation, whether with friends or strangers.  There is a pleasant hum as patrons chat or just enjoy the sparkle of lights on the water.  Look carefully, and you will see gondolas glide by into the Melbourne night.

Ponyfish Island is open daily from 8am to 1am.  It becomes very crowded in Summer so think about having a Winter island experience!

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