Shark Fin Inn

yum cha shumai

Why should Sunday brunch be a café affair, where you pay $18 for 2 pieces of bread and an egg, which you could have made yourself for less than $1 and in about 5 minutes?  OK, perhaps I am exaggerating slightly. However, I think our Chinese community have it right.  Sunday brunch should be a yum cha affair.  Gather the family or a group of friends, book a table, and enjoy the colour and organised chaos of yum cha.  You pick which little dishes you want to eat from trolleys loaded with steaming bamboo containers of dumplings and other delights.  I like to order some Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce so that there is also something green on the table.  Remember to leave some room at the end for the mango pudding.

If you are visiting Chinatown’s Shark Fin Inn, you may wish to sit upstairs, where the room is larger.  You will need to book ahead and choose the morning or afternoon session.  The cost will be around $30 – $40 per person, depending on how much you eat and how many people are sharing.  There is a step to walk up into the building foyer and the upstairs room is only accessible by a stairway, so this will pose problems for disabled and pram access.

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