Hausfrau Cafe Cupcake

Sitting cramped in my economy seat, and with many hours of flying left, I turned to the airline magazine to distract myself.  There was a photograph of a luscious strawberry covered torte.  I felt like biting into the photograph!  I thought to myself, where is this place? I scanned the article.  The answer was Hausfrau in Yarraville!  Oh no, I was heading in the wrong direction – away from Melbourne!!

Hausfrau is where Hansel and Gretel went shopping to decorate their house.   Brightly decorated gingerbread adorns the shelves.  In fact, Hausfrau is full of sugar and spice and all things nice.   There are a range of tortes using delicious ingredients such as raspberry and butterscotch, rhubarb and chocolate.  (These sell for around $35 each and are generously sized.)  There is also apple strudel (the real deal).  And ‘petite fours’ – you can buy 6 for $12.50 – they include such delights as custard with pomegranate seeds, and lemon tart with meringue.

There is savoury food and hot drinks on offer.  Hausfrau make their own pies, including chicken and leek, and Italian beef.  They also make the popular 7 hour lamb and vegetable pastie.  These deluxe pies and pasties are $7.50 each.  You can see why Hausfrau is very popular in the Winter months with this kind of tummy warming food.

Eat in or take away.  Hausfrau is open daily, except Mondays, from 9am to 5pm.  Their fridge stocks some food that you can take home and microwave, usually different types of soup.  As well as being in Yarraville, Hausfrau has also opened a bakery at 123 Bridport Road, Albert Park.

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