Golden Dragon Restaurant

Wooden golden dragon sculpture at Golden Dragon restaurant

Melbourne’s number 1 yum cha restaurant. Luckily, one of my Chinese Australian friends comes from a family passionate about yum cha.  They follow the best dim sum chefs.  Chefs Tony Kwan and Jason Au, both ex Flower Drum, are two of the best.  I love the Golden Dragon Palace because of the range of dishes, from the regular (pork dumplings) to the more adventurous (chicken feet – don’t visualise!).  The dumplings are larger here, and very tasty.  The restaurant is large and spacious.  It is located in suburban Templestowe and packed to the rafters on a Sunday.  You need to book a few days ahead and specify whether you are attending the morning or afternoon session.  If your child needs a high chair, also book that.  I find yum cha works best with a group: more food to share!   The cost will be around $30-$40 a head, depending on the size of the group and how much you eat.  There is disabled and pram access, but  let them know when you are booking, so that you can be allocated a table with easier access.  It may be difficult to find room to park a pram.

Update January 2014:  We have continued to visit this restaurant regularly on Sundays for yum cha.  Food remains fabulous and prices have not really changed.  We tend to spend $65 for the two of us.  It is a great atmosphere sitting amongst the Chinese Australian families.  Below is a recent photo featuring scallop dumplings, vegetarian chive dumplings, prawns with XO sauce and tofu wrapped pork rolls.

Yum cha food at Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Palace on Urbanspoon

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