Duchess of Spotswood


Duchess of SpotswoodDo you ever get cabin fever?  I find it sets in if I am at home for too long.  It comes on suddenly and then I really need to get out – to somewhere I want to go, rather than somewhere I have to go.  On a recent afternoon like that, I headed to the Duchess of Spotswood.  It offers delicious food in a relaxing café environment: a perfect cure for cabin fever!

The Duchess of Spotswood has a special appeal to the culinary curious, as it offers gourmet English themed food – at café prices.  It was at the Duchess that I discovered morels.  I was looking at the menu wondering what to order when I saw the word ‘morels’.  The waiter explained that they were a type of mushroom.  After placing our order, he returned with a fresh morel to show me.  What a nice guy!  After tasting morels in the artichoke salad, I am happy with my discovery!  Other yummy meals that I’ve enjoyed at the Duchess have been grilled fish on barley and buckwheat ($23) and ocean trout salad with frisee and witlof ($16.50).

The Duchess is open daily.  During the week it is open from 7.00am – 4.30pm, and on the weekends from 8.00am – 4.00pm.  It has tables inside and a few outside on the pavement, as well as a courtyard out back.  It can get quite busy on weekends.  It is easy to park nearby.  For daily information on the menu and other news, see @duchesscafe on Twitter.

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