My number 1 sweet shop in Melbourne is Dolcetti.  It is a little Sicilian pastry and cake shop in West Melbourne – with a delicious range of small pastries, biscotti, tarts and doughnuts.  If you wish to be greeted with adulation when you visit someone, nip in and select a box of sweets.  If you want to see a bloke go ga-ga, give him anything from this shop with custard in it.  The kids (and some of the adults) love the doughnuts.  And I love, well almost everything in this shop.  Everything is made on site here.  Dolcetti also make large cakes on order (from about $40 upwards) and chocolate name plates for large cakes ($2.50).  I find it costs me about $18 to fill a small box with sweets, which are individually sold at around $2.50 – $4.00, depending on the size and type.  Dolcetti also serves tea and coffee with tables inside and outside. Pop in here and reward yourself after you finish shopping at nearby Victoria Market.  Open during the day Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday.  Doors are usually closed at 3.30pm.

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