Akari Japanese restaurant

You feel like going out for Japanese, but can’t be bothered getting out of your jeans.  You don’t want to spend a small fortunate on an even smaller meal.  Akari might be your answer. It is authentic Japanese food in a relaxed environment.  Well patronised by local residents and workers.  And the occassional passing Japanese biker.  Like them, you can drop by without booking.  The food range is limited, but what Akari do, they do well.  I usually order the sushi / sashimi combination.  Hubby likes the nabe dish (hot pot).  The chairs aren’t cushy, but if you want cushy, go upstairs to the Uptown Jazz Cafe (open Wednesday – Saturday night).

Prices are reasonable.  If you order a dinner set before 7pm it is even cheaper (less than $20).  Otherwise, it is about $25-$30 for a main.  I find I usually spend about $30 for food when I visit Akari.  There are vegetarian options, which are cheaper.  Akari is open for lunch (Tuesday – Friday) and dinner (Monday – Saturday).

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